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SDL Express offers courier shipments and guarantee maximum reliability, experience and punctuality. A true reference point in the courier industry, we have been offering customers a complete range of services and accessories to meet customer's shipment needs for many years. With specific solutions tailored to fit your needs, SDL Express is able to offer speed and security, delivering to worldwide locations in just 24-72 hours. Whatever your request, we provide specific solutions ranging from port shipments to warehousing and storage services for third parties, to shipments around the world to any location.
Our deliveries are secure and guaranteed. You can talk to one of our representatives on
+39 081 7594009,to book a shipment or request a quote, get information about delivery times or search for a shipment using your order number or request SDL Express packaging for parcel preparation.

National Delivery Service

SDL Express oversees national shipments from Naples with quality and competence, providing customers with a wide range of highly customisable services.

International shipments

International shipping from SDL Express Naples covers the entire globe: no corner of the world is out of our reach.


SDL Express has a large onsite team dedicated to logistics in Naples, to ensure maximum efficiency in the reception and delivery of goods and parcels.

Special Services

In order to meet every need, we provide a range of special services such as port shipment assignments, payment of the shipment to the recipient, warehousing for third parties and appropriate form filling.

within 24 hours

SDL Express is an e-commerce company providing shipment of quality products.
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To book your package collection, for details of rate and delivery times,
track a package or request express SDL packaging
call Customer Services on 081 7594009
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