Advanced logistics services in Naples

Sdl Express has a large warehouse dedicated to logistics in Naples to ensure maximum efficiency in the reception and delivery of goods and parcels. It boasts an area of ‚Äč‚Äčabout 1,500 square metres, dedicated to every need for the reception, storage and processing of goods. Such a large area dedicated to logistics in Naples allows you to guarantee an always available space, both short and long term. Within these walls, an experienced team works with extreme care and efficiency, dealing with every kind of goods, from pallets to small parcels, at every stage of the shipping and distribution process. The logistics area is handled with the help of modern technology, which allows you to carefully track your item. Processing inside the warehouse is fast, secure and reliable, and your goods are protected at every stage. It's important to have cutting edge tools and software in a world like shipping, where precision, speed, and ability to interact real-time with users all over the world is essential. For this reason, great importance is placed on technology and the constant updating of media. These features make us the ideal partner for those looking for reliability and professionalism to manage and deliver their merchandise.

Special packaging

Sdl Express deals with packaging of parcels and goods of all kinds in Naples, offering quality and safety for any type of shipment in Italy or abroad. Packaging must be carried out with extreme care, so that any product arrives perfectly intact. The company manufactures packaging in Naples for special items such as hazardous materials, perishable or bulky products. Among other things, refrigerants, such as dry ice, are used for goods that require it. To offer this wide range of packaging, we use state-of-the-art tools and methodologies to protect what you want to transport by using materials that are suitable for preserving the contents of the package.

Security and attention to fragile goods

All goods have their own specific needs, and our staff are critically aware of this. Sdl Express' professionals are committed to packing accurately and carefully following customers' exact requests, to ensure maximum satisfaction. Sdl Express is the partner of many companies looking for care and security for shipments. The quality of service we offer has made the company a benchmark in the industry. The quality of our packaging allows you to ship any product without thinking, to anywhere in the world. Our services are also aimed at individuals who need to ship small packages or luggage quickly. Our staff take care of the home delivery of materials to be shipped, then packed, sealed and shipped safely.
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