International shipping from Naples

Sdl Express delivers shipments from Naples around the world, providing customers with a wide range of customisable solutions. International shipments from Sdl Express Naples can be delivered virtually anywhere in the globe, as there is almost no locality in the world that we cannot reach. This is possible thanks to a vast network of partners, chosen from major brands in the courier market, including Dhl, Fedex, Tnt. Thanks to our collaboration with these partners, it is possible to ship every kind of good from Naples and the province to any foreign country. Sdl Express specialise in partnering with companies looking for a professional and reliable shipping service, capable of ensuring the right security for any type of merchandise handled, which is entrusted to the best professionals in the industry. Sdl Express also deals with the complex customs practices of any country, so that the goods arrive at their destination with punctuality.

Express and economy services

We are experts in dealing with dangerous goods and particularly fragile materials, such as biological samples. In this instance, suitable packaging is guaranteed for every kind of goods item. Sdl Express proposes the following:
- For documents or goods shipped to Europe weighing 500g or less and delivering in 24 hours, the price is 20 euros, plus VAT and fuel surcharge.
- For documents being shipped to the USA weighing 500g or less shipped in 48 hours, the price is 26 euros in addition to the fuel surcharge.
- Economy services for goods in Europe for packages under 5kg, with delivery in 72 hours, start at 40 euros plus VAT and fuel surcharge.
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