Luggage shipments in Italy and Europe from Naples

Sdl Express also deals with baggage shipments from Naples. This service is a safe and reliable way to ship your luggage throughout Italy and Europe. For luggage shipments from Naples, maximum security is guaranteed, with continuous checks, from pick up to delivery, directly to your home or hotel. This is aprofessional and quality service, available at great value prices. This service is particularly suitable for those who have to move abroad for a long time and need to transport additional luggage. Sdl Express offers customers a wide range of customised services to suit every need. On request, we also takes care of domestic luggage removals. Once delivered, parcels are packed, sealed and dispatched to the designated destination.

Reliable luggage delivery service

Customers can be updated on the status of their shipment at any time, thanks to the service we created. We use software and tools that handle a huge number of shipments at the same time ensuring the highest quality and professionalism of service. Our services are tailor-made, offering customisation and reliability, so that shipments can happen as quickly and punctually as possible. The cost of this service in Italy is 30 euros for the first bag and 20 euros thereafter, including home delivery. Delivery on national territory is guaranteed on the next working day. In Europe, depending on the option you choose, delivery takes place within 1-3 business days.
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